Capital Grille

General: Capital Grille, the expensive steakhouse chain just relocated down the street and is now part of the Hynes convention center. Upscale restaurant suitable for the older crowd. Located: 900 Boylston Street (between Gloucester St & Hereford St) Boston, MA 02115

She Said:If you’re looking to drop some top dollars to eat at an upscale/oldies restaurant, this would be the my recommendation! The bartenders are great and the food is awesome. I had the swordfish, which was good, but a little dry. We also ordered sides of asparagus, mashed potatoes and lobster mac n cheese. Let me say, OMG, right now. Each one of those dishes were out of this world. I should have just ordered 5 plates of the lobster mac n cheese! I wish I checked out the wine list since I saw a huge cellar of wine, but I opted for a Sam Adams. Capital Grille is good, but it’s not my go to or style.

He Said: With their new location, Capital is one of my favorites. Every time my folks come to visit, this is their go-to spot as well. It’s fancy, elegant, and yup, pricy, but it’s worth it for a night out on the town if you can splurge. The meat is always cooked right. My favorite is the au pov souce and the mac and cheese.

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