Lilly’s Gourmet Pasta Express

1528 Tremont St,  (617) 427-8080, Mission Hill MA. Don’t Order Delivery from here the Driver will be rude and the owner will not give your money back.

He Said:

The menu and the idea is good, sort of a toppings on your pasta. In the other hand the costumer service is one of the worst I have experienced. The delivery driver was just plain RUDE and end up taking off with my food, zero idea of customer service. The worst part was when I called the restaurant to ask for a refund or at least an apology, the owner as he identify him self was even worst, he was un apologetic and stuck up, refused to give me my money back even though he accepted I didn’t had the food and that I find outrageous to pay for something I don’t have. I will call the bank to put a fraud complaint on my credit card but that’s not the point. As a business owner I know customers are always first and any food and service business that depends on good reputation to keep Patrons happy and fails to do so I can give anything else than a poor review. This were the owners words before he hang up on my call “Oh well if I lose a customer what do I care”.

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