One Charles Street South, Boston, Massachusetts 02116(617) 421-1200, American Mediterranean Bistro.

She Said:

We went to Ostra the other day and MAN, what a place!! For those of us that like interior design, this place is just as pleasant for your eye as it is for your mouth and soul! They play the regular lounge music on low volume, which makes it a good place to go for a date or with your partner, but might be a little slow for a girls night out.

Their food is inspired by the french countryside with lots of seafood and salads. Their concept feels fresh and fun for a city rat like me that doesn’t make it out to the real country side too often. their dishes are simple but OH.SO.GOOD!

We ordered the Hibachi for starter. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but those mouthwatering little tuna pieces just melted away in my mouth and disappeared from my plate way too quickly! It is kind of like a mix between sushi and a tuna tartar, with an interesting wasabi kick mixed with fresh herbs and citrus. We also ordered in a salad to share while we were waiting for the main entry (I know, I know, I’m going to gluttony hell). It was surprisingly big for being split onto two plates, but I am not sure it would have been enough for me alone for a friday night dinner. It tasted great and felt fresh and healthy, but I wouldn’t order it for other than an appetizer.

For my main entry I ordered the sea bass. The portion looked kind of small when it first came in, but as I had been compulsively eating their phenomenal onion bread since we first came in, the size was just perfect for me. Although I am a small girl, I can eat like a full-grown man when I have to. If only my drinking abilities were as qualified…

Oh well, back to the food. The sea bass came in with wild mushrooms and mashed potato and it was really, really good. I would definitely order it again!

Now to my favorite part, the dessert! This place is HEAVEN for dessert! I almost don’t want to reveal that they have a dessert on their menu that includes, ice cream, creamy brownie, caramel sauce, chocolate AND toffee pop corn, out of fear that they will be sold out next time I am there. It is just phenomenal and well worth skipping lunch for. 😉 Tip, order one for yourself or you will end up fighting with the person you are sharing with over the last bite!


Overall impression: This place is plain right top notch. It is kind of pricey, yes, but if you want to go somewhere new and know that you will like the food, this is the place to go.

He Said:

I been in a lot of so called Mediterranean restaurants in the us. some of them stay on the french cuisine some of them go completely greek or in between south west italian cuisine with sea food with tons of garlic. Ostra is a fresh o breath air they are not trying to be unique or authentic they just good. and to me good is the most important quality of any food establishment.  Definitely one of the best and pretty restaurants around Boston.  My favorite the cilantro hot Hibachi.

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