General: Not really a fan of Chinatown? Never really find yourself over there? Well, you should! And while you’re at it, go to Shabu-Zen for hot pot! Check it out at 16 Tyler St
(between Beach St & Kneeland St)
Boston, MA 02111

She Said: I haven’t had hotpot since I got back from China two years ago. I didn’t even realize how much i missed it. If you don’t know what hotpot is, you pretty much get your bowl of boiling water, then order your veggies, seafood and meats, and cook it yourself. And it’s GREAT for the winter time. So Shabu Zen is pretty cool. You pick if you want regular broth, or if you want to jazz it up for 3 bucks (by adding spicy flavors). Between three of us, we ordered the seafood plate and meat combo (chicken and beef), which came with veggies. It was a lot of delicious food, and it’s very inexpensive.

Hotpot is a lot of fun and very “asian.” I definitely recommend checking out a good hotpot place (allston, chinatown).

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