This new workout is awesome! Extremely efficient and fun. Read more to find out about TABATA!

Tabata is pretty much circuit training, with high intensity, high energy, high cardio intervals. It’s easy to design and modify for whatever your level type is. In our class we use dumbbells, kettleballs, bosu balls, steps, etc, but if you don’t have anything using body weight is fine.

So the idea is 20 seconds of movement followed by ten seconds of rest, for 4 minutes total. You’re heart rate definitely rises and HIIT is so effective.

Today’s Tabata went something like this:
Circuit 1: Squat, shoulder press
Circuit 2: Mountain climbers
Circuit 3: Abs
Circuit 4: Bosu Ball burpees
Circuit 5: Box Jumps
Circuit 6: Plank pose jacks
Circuit 7: Deadlifts
Circuit 8: Kettle Swings
Circuit 9: Lunge jumps
Circuit 10: Push ups

Definitely check it out! So great.

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