Wing it!

General: There are a lot of things for which Boston is famous. Pretty soon, it will be our chicken wings. Boston Wing It in Allston, Massachusetts, offers legendary chicken wings in a family-friendly atmosphere. 1153 Commonwealth Ave  Allston, MA 02134 (617) 783-2473.

He Said: I can say anything but good things about this place, The location is a little bit inconvenient unless you live on the Allston, Harvard st area. No problem tho, Their delivery service is one of the best of the city, they have a cool online system and they delver fairly fast to most of Boston and MIT cambridge area. So the food, The wings of course are awesome with a varaity of flavors that will fit any taste. Warning the spicy buffalo sauce is not for the faint of heart as the labeled them selves. The back ribs are super good and tender, also you can pair with any kind of sides like caesar salad to mozzarella sticks or spicy fries. Oh advice check the burger out too.


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