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My name is Caroline, and I am honored to take over the reviewing after our much talented writer Sophie has left Boston to pursue her dreams. Luckily, she’s still the one in charge of the health-section of this blog, I sure ain’t qualified for that part, so shoot her an email if you have any questions regarding exercise and fitness!

It has taken me some time to gather the courage to step up and try to grow into Sophie’s shoes, but I am happy to be here, and am looking forward to letting you know about all our food experiences, be they good or bad, we encounter daily in the one city Pedro and I call home: BOSTON.

I am originally from Sweden, which isn’t much to brag about food-wise. I mean, when did you ever stumble upon a Swedish restaurant in your city? (alright, IKEA doesn’t count!) Although I do have my go-to’s with swedish food, thank God for globalization and spicy mexican food, just sayin’. 😉

So why am I, swedish bland-food lover and all, qualified for this blog?

Well, I love food. period. I can’t think of a single occasion where I in grown age ever said no to trying something new. I have eaten everything from grilled “it-could-be-meat-but-who-knows” on a stick, bought from a vendor on a bike with a grill strapped onto it in Thailand, to crispy fried frog legs in Croatia, to top-of-the-notch dinners in New York City. And you know what? It doesn’t matter, I love it all. Food is more than what is on the plate, it is the experience as a whole that counts. It is about how it makes you feel, and with whom you share the experience.

So, after this little introduction of me, I am ready to share informative and honest reviews of every little crooks and corner of what Boston’s restaurants has to offer.

Hello! Growing up around the world as allowed me to experience some amazing cuisine and foods. From cultural meals to unheard of snacks, everything has been quite the adventure. I wanted to find the best and interesting restaurants in and around Boston. Whether it is the best location for cocktails, a light meal, or just the best crowd to watch a game, I want to find it, and post it here on BostonMunch, so everyone can enjoy. I’m a student by day – almost done! My love is definitely in health and fitness though. I love working out, surfing/snowboarding, and photography.


I am food lover, I enjoy going out to eat, and having good times with friends and love ones, I have called home several places around the world, Mexico City, Paris, Caracas and LA, I also have had the opportunity to travel all around the world. My passion for food started very young, my mother is a professional Chef, and she has always tough me and my brother about the pleasures of good food. So with that in mind I have learn to appreciate different cuisines and to train my taste to enjoy the different flavors and emotions good food makes us have.
As for my day Job I am a music producer and song writer, yes! I love to enjoy other aspects of my life as much as I enjoy my professional life and eating and dinning is a big part of it. For now I call Boston home and I love to share with everyone my personal experiences on the places I visit around bean town. I hope the site is helpful. I’ll be looking forward for a lot of comments… and yeah! GO SOX!!!.

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